Bigrigg - old and new

In the early 1960's the council decided to build new houses for the proposed extension to the Sellafield Works nearby, but as the expansion of the nuclear site did not happen as planned the new houses that had been built in Egremont had to be filled and Bigrigg lost out. The houses were filled with residents from Bigrigg and the existing houses in Chapel Street, Fearon Street, Cain Street, High Street and the prefabs in Bankend View were all demolished.

Bearing the brunt of this clearance the village lost three pubs, four small shops, the school, a Fish and Chip shop and more recently the Post Office. The number of villagers has grown during that period as new houses have been built on the sites of the demolished houses, that plus the increase in traffic has meant the village has become somewhat fragmented.

Mrs Margaret Hyde, who lived at the gatehouse to Springfield Mansion, campaigned for many years to have the speed limit reduced through the village but eventually succeeded ion getting the council to place a pedestrian crossing about half way through the village near the new Village hall, but this has not brought the villagers together.

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