St John's the Evangelist Church

St. John's the Evangelist Church, Bigrigg was opened in 1880 as a chapel-of-ease positioned mid-way between the settlements at Bigrigg and Moor Row. The Bishop's register in Carlisle for the years 1872-1895 states that:
"... a parcel of land hath been voluntarily given by Henry Jefferson of Springfield and duly conveyed to Edmund Strickland ..." (the then Rector)

This entry is accompanied by a plan of the church showing access by a path and gate at the back of the plot leading to Springfield House. The license for a new Curate for the parish, (a William Morgan Stoate), was granted at the same time.

The building cost 3000 and accommodated 250 worshipers. The architect was C.J. Ferguson of Carlisle and the builder was John Smith of Egremont, who also rebuilt the parish church at Egremont for completion three years later. The church was so designed that it could be easily enlarged should the need arise. It is typically Victorian with a central aisle and open pews except for the choir stalls in the chancel.

Features of the church include two good stained-glass windows, one behind the altar and one behind the font. Both were gifts of the Jefferson family of Springfield who also provided the interesting east window for the parish church at Egremont.

The wall of the chancel was removed and a new choir vestry and organ chamber were erected in 1926, when a conventional church organ was installed. The original hand-pump system was replaced in 1952, when flood-lighting and electric central heating were also installed. More recently, maintenance costs forced the complete replacement of the old organ by a modern electronic device.

The paneling in the chancel was given by parishioners, the book-rest by the Scouts and Guides and the Litany Desk by St. John's Entertainments Committee.

Mrs Clarke also executed a deed of gift:
"... of No. 9 St. John's Terrace, Bigrigg in the parish of Egremont as a house of residence for the curate or minister for the time being of St. John's, Bigrigg and if sold or let proceeds and income to be used for same or to augment the stipend of the curate or minister ..."

In the grounds outside the church, a tree was planted in memory of William James Nicholson, Verger, who died in 1973, and who for many years had devotedly cared for St. John's Church and its churchyard.

St John's celebrated its centenary with a special service and a number of events in 1980.

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General views of St Johns - showing a few external views, Sunday school    Flower display for the Church's centenary

List of Curates and Clergy up to 1980, not complete so if you have nay further information, I will add, please e-mail me here 

Clergy                                                                     Curates
Wm. Edmund Strickland        1880-1887               Wm. Morgan Stoate    1880      
W. Thwaites                           1887-1923               H.S. Moore    1888-1891      
Ed. Walter Ridley                  1890-1893      
W. Taylor                               1891-L894      
E.G. Bennett                          1893-1894      
R. Woodward                         1894-1899      
C. Norris                                1894-1896      
G. Fisher                                1898-1900      
J. Wharton                             1899-1902      
W.P. Roberts                          1901-1902      
J. Ashworth                           1902-1910      
J. Deason                               1903-1916      
J.W. Dixon                            1911-1911      
Wm. Fryer                             1911-1915      
G.L. Woodhouse                   1916-1917      
W.E. Stopford                       1917-1923      
Irvine Earnshaw                    1923-1939               Fred Johnson    1923-1924      
H.H. Vickers                         1924-1927      
James Owen                          1928-1928      
L. Ashcroft                            1929-1930      
H.G. Eggleton                       1931-1940      
Wm. J. Bucks                        1939-1950               Ed. Edwardes    1940-1944      
J.A. Shaw                              1944-1949      
Ian M. German                      1950-1966               H.T. Batey    1950-1952      
W.H. Murdoch                      1953-1954      
W.R.B. Chown                      1955-1958      
A.P. Stephenson                    1958-1960      
L.A. Goddard                        1961-1965      
John D. Kelly                        1965-1967      
E.R. Chapman                      1966-1970           N. Whitton    1967-1970      
F.V. Adams                           1970-1972      
J. Blakesley                          1974-1977      
Peter E. Mann                      1978-1980   

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