Bigrigg School

Bigrigg school - about 1914

The school was opened in 1868 and closed in 1968, it appears that it has been extended at least three times during its history, it has recently been transformed into a number of apartments but the exterior structure has not been altered. There is talk in the village that the school had a bell but that has yet to be confirmed.

Here's some early Photos from the school, we have tried to get the dates and names correct, but if you know any corrections or additions please let us know, e-mail here.

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School and reading room 1924

1912-1920 approx



Top class 1920

Left to right

Back row
?, Jack Southam,?,Jack Caulfield, Jack Blair, ?, Bob Thompson, Jack Davies

Row 3
Dinah Bispham, Ethel Pattinsby, Bennison, Sally Southward, Cliia Thompson, Jimmy Birbeck, Lizzie Bristoe, Maria Hughes, ?, Nellie Moore, Peggy Sheppherd

on her own - Mary Haile

Row 2
Rachel Dickinson, Ellie Southam, Sarah Wilson, Maggie Wilkinson, Lizzie Davidson,  Armstrong, Nellie Haile, Lizzie Bispham

Front row
Jenkinson, Tommy Hicks, John Maxwell, Tommy armstrong, Billy Kirby, Jack Warbrick, ?, John Pape



Girls & boys - left to right

John Southam, John Blair, John Caulfield,

Annie Walker, Annie Armstrong, Annie Maud Higgins

Date unknown

Date unknown

1954 - left to right

Row 6
Raymond Parkinson, ?,?,Douglas Logan, Alan Birkett, Abernathy, Brian Lamb, Cyril Watson, ?, Ronnie Quayle, Tommy Hodgson, Jim Gordon, Alan Haile, Alan Hodgson, ?,?

Row 5
?,?,?,Abernathy, Phylis Birbeck, ?, Joyce Birbeck, ?, Jenny Aitken, Norma Fairburn, ?, Wendy Tyson

Row 4
?, Brenda Williams, Norma Haile, David Duncan, Isaac Shepherd, john Porter, ?, John Lamb, ?, John Rothery, Robert Woodburn, Peter English, Tom Richards, Brian Lamb, Frank Leech, ?,  Robert lamb

Row 3
Tony Harrison, June Stanborough, Sara Mitchell, Brian Aitken, Richard Stephen, Jacky Hodgson,Robin Simpson, Neil Hodgson, Jacky Hodgson, Marjorie Birbeck, Betty Lamb, Alan Hattersley

no names available, can you help?

Teachers - clockwise from top left
Gordon Hinde, Tom Priestman, Rita Smith, Mrs Lister


Left to right

Back row
Alan Birkett, Douglas Logan, Alan Hail, Jim Gordon, Alan Hodgson, Leward Williams, Melvin Hartley, Raymond Parkinson

Middle row
Robert Lamb, Ronnie Quayle, John Porter, Norma Fairburn, Chrissy Watson, Winnie Stamburgh, Norman hail, David Abernathy, Teacher - Tom Priestman

Front row
Linda Barton, Beryl Rule, Pat Adams, Phyllis Birbeck, Alan Williams, Brenda Williams, Wendy Tyson, Freda Watson

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